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The Five Main Systems and Strategy For The Early Access Launch!

At this point the game development has been focused on the 5 major systems of the game. Those 5 systems are, for the most part, completely coded out and fully functional within this initial early access release. From this point forward, the plan is to make them more and more useful with every early access

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Store Page, Release Date, Price and Status on the Linux Build!

So again, I just want to thank everybody for the support! The store page has been created and is up for everyone to see, you can do so by going here: The release date that I am currently shooting for is December 3rd for PC and Mac. There will be a launch sale for the

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We Have Been Greenlit!

Woohoo! After 38 days on Steam Greenlight the community has decided to greenlight us! It is quite exciting and I have been hard at work integrating Steam into the build and getting everything set up on the Steam side for an early access release. I am going to be wasting zero time on this; as soon

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New Dev Vlog! Employee Stress! Store Rating! Soundtrack! (Nov 2nd)

  Today we have a new dev vlog for you! A bunch of new features have been put into the stable build. We finally have the title screen, saving/loading and a game soundtrack! Now on to the new mechanics that were added.   A new marketing menu which generates a store rating was added. You can

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Updated Trailer and Some News

So I put together a new trailer for the game. Basically its the same as the old one but now it shows some of the aspects you manage in the store on a daily basis, including some new systems like Employee Stress, Store Rating, etc. I will be putting together a new dev blog most

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Dev Vlog! New UI Overview!

So I got around to making a full video showcasing the new UI system I have been working on! A lot of work has gone into it and I hope you enjoy it!

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Prealpha Gameplay is here!

  Its finally here! This is the core elements of the game. The employee menu has been stripped out as well as advertising ect. This is a basic day in the game just to show the general world what the state of the game looks like! Though I accidentally call it Salesman Simulator at the

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Here is the Current State of the UI

There have been some complaints on the Steam Greenlight comments about not showing enough of the game, no gameplay etc. Well, with simulation games what there is to see is in the UI. I am having a Kickstarter because I cannot draw a proper UI at all. My sole purpose there is to hire somebody

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