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Store Page, Release Date, Price and Status on the Linux Build!

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So again, I just want to thank everybody for the support! The store page has been created and is up for everyone to see, you can do so by going here: The release date that I am currently shooting for is December 3rd for PC and Mac. There will be a launch sale for the game running through the first week of release at $4.99. Afterwards it will be at its normal Early Access price of $6.99. As for the Linux build, I have to figure some things out. The game seems to work just fine except for keyboard controls. I have no idea what is causing this, but they just don’t work at all on Linux.

It seems like it would be simple enough, but it isn’t, apparently. If enough people are fine without keyboard controls for Linux (mouse controls work fine and I’ve made it where you can play the entire game with just a mouse) then I might just release the Linux build too before finding the fix. If you feel this way, please message me or post your opinion on the forums. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing everybody Dec 3rd!

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We Have Been Greenlit!

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Woohoo! After 38 days on Steam Greenlight the community has decided to greenlight us! It is quite exciting and I have been hard at work integrating Steam into the build and getting everything set up on the Steam side for an early access release. I am going to be wasting zero time on this; as soon as a build is ready, the release is going to happen. No waiting months between greenlighting and release, a couple weeks and we will be there!

I want to build this game along side the community, getting input from the users on what they want to see and what they think will make the game a better playing experience. I will be updating everything with information as it happens, so be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter (@ChromeAndroid), the main website (, or the Greenlight page. Thank you to everyone for the continued support, I look forward to creating an excellent retail simulator for you guys!

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New Dev Vlog! Employee Stress! Store Rating! Soundtrack! (Nov 2nd)

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Today we have a new dev vlog for you! A bunch of new features have been put into the stable build. We finally have the title screen, saving/loading and a game soundtrack! Now on to the new mechanics that were added.


A new marketing menu which generates a store rating was added. You can find the rating by going to the marketing menu and paying $100 for a report. This rating directly impacts the amount of customers you have in your store. You can raise it by having higher ability employees as well as paying for better marketing. Its caveat is that if you have a higher rating with lower ability employees, they won’t be able to deal with customers very fast and always having the store full will stress them out! Stress them out too much and they will quit! More on that below.


Next up we have setting the sale prices. Yes, that is now fully implemented. This is not a once a day task, you can actually change the prices when ever you want, and as many times as you want throughout the day. Though this also can add stress to the employees. If you sell them at too high of prices, the employees will get stress because they will feel like they are taking advantage of the customers.


Now the stress factor itself. This has been fully implemented. You can stress out employees in the ways mentioned above as well as over working them too many days in a row. The easiest way to relieve stress is by giving them a day off. You can always check their stress levels by clicking on them and having a meeting. I made the choice to have the meeting cost a flat $500. The reason for this is because the original idea called for it to be free but the employee would be pulled off the floor and brought into the managers office. The reason I didn’t do this is since the time moves so fast, the employee would be missing out on a lot more sales than what’s really realistic. Obviously a quick midday manager meeting wouldn’t last longer than 5-20 minutes tops, but given the time moves so fast by the time he walks to the office, has the meeting and walks back, an hour passes. So I made the ultimate decision to just expense it. $500, its about equal to one sale. Seemed fair for now, it will probably be tweaked in the future.


Last we added a bank loan! Yay! Now in case you go broke you can dig yourself out a little! Once you go under $500 you can borrow $10,000 from the bank. You can pay this back a little at a time daily, or in one lump sum with less interest!


I hope you are enjoying things so far! I’ll be sure to keep posting these videos every once in a while to keep you updated on development!


And please don’t mind any grammar and spelling errors. It is like 2am and I have been up for 24 hours now! Maybe its time to get some sleep finally…