Here is the Current State of the UI

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Here is the Current State of the UI

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There have been some complaints on the Steam Greenlight comments about not showing enough of the game, no gameplay etc. Well, with simulation games what there is to see is in the UI. I am having a Kickstarter because I cannot draw a proper UI at all. My sole purpose there is to hire somebody to do it. Again, the game is roughly 75% coded. Once the UI is in place its all smooth sailings. Just to show some good faith I put a few of the UI pictures on the Greenlight page and here I am linking the full resolution versions so you can see them better. Again, I am terrible at it. This is what I am looking to replace. It is just hard to show a game where the majority of the progress is under the hood. If you want to see more of the old UI, just let me know and I will post them.


And again, this is just a sample of a few of the UI screens!


game3456test game45667test game234test

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