We Have Been Greenlit!

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We Have Been Greenlit!

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Woohoo! After 38 days on Steam Greenlight the community has decided to greenlight us! It is quite exciting and I have been hard at work integrating Steam into the build and getting everything set up on the Steam side for an early access release. I am going to be wasting zero time on this; as soon as a build is ready, the release is going to happen. No waiting months between greenlighting and release, a couple weeks and we will be there!

I want to build this game along side the community, getting input from the users on what they want to see and what they think will make the game a better playing experience. I will be updating everything with information as it happens, so be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter (@ChromeAndroid), the main website (storemanagerthegame.com), or the Greenlight page. Thank you to everyone for the continued support, I look forward to creating an excellent retail simulator for you guys!

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